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One myth floating around in the bodybuilding and physique world is that Vegan’s can’t grow and gain muscles like those who eat and consume animal products… Wrong! I would like to share with you all today, video’s of individuals who have amazing physiques and show their progress with eating a healthy plant-based diet. Vegetables, Legumes, Green Powder Mixes, Protein PowdersΒ (See previous post on Plant-Based Protein Powders, Nuts, and other plant-based foods contain proteins that can help with muscle synthesis!
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Follow these Vegans (Bodybuilder and Weight Lifters) as they show proof that eating healthy, clean, and plant-based whole foods can lead to great physiques!

Follow a Bodybuilder as she documents her journey competing in Bikini Competitions:

Here is another great example and video of a day of meals with another Vegan:

This gentleman is packed with muscle and eats a plant-based diet:

This youtuber, shows his gains with an entire year of eating Vegan:

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Ex-Military, health and fitness enthusiast. Being Vegan and having a Plant-Based diet goes hand in hand with my Fitness and Physique Goals.

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